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Contact: Xiong Yuqiang
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About Us

Heze Shenli Food Additives Factory was founded in 2003. It has standard plant of 5000 square meters and large amount of testing instruments. Due to stable product quality and convenient transportation condition, we can meet customer requirements at fast speed. Our company is mainly engaged in research and production of preservatives, such as, sodium diacetate, sodium dehydroacetate, calcium propionate and sodium propionate. Our sodium diacetate has features of gentle acid and long shelf lives. Our products are well-recognized all around the country and have been exported to Middle Asia regions. Calcium propionate is manufactured through advanced technology by adoption of German material. Sodium dehydroacetate, as new type high-efficient preservative, is produced according to American FCC standard. It has wide application range and is highly praised by wide customers.

Our plant has 5 research engineers and we have built tight cooperation with 2 universities. We sincerely welcome wide friends to visit us. We will make efforts to become China most professional manufacturing enterprise of green preservatives.

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